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Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety can show itself in many ways. From feeling worried about your health, money, work, school and relationships to feeling overwhelmed and having panic attacks, agoraphobia and feeling frightened in social situations.

Anxiety is normal and exists due to a set of bodily functions that have helped us survive from our prehistoric days. When we feel anxious our flight and fight and freeze stress response is activated, triggering a racing heart, sweaty palms, butterflies and churning in the stomach, and hyperventilation (over breathing).

Anxiety can make you imagine that your life is worse than it is but at Bright Thinking Therapy we will work together to empower you to live your life in a new way.

When we are feeling stressed everything becomes overwhelming and we begin to think we can't cope. It can affect our sleep, mood, emotional tolerance and sometimes we start to find comfort from unhealthy places such as overeating comfort food, drinking too much alcohol and smoking. At Bright Thinking Therapies I can help you to manage stressful situations in a way which is right for you and to find ways to find comfort in a healthy way.

What will your life be like when you are free from anxiety? You can feel calm and peaceful and in control of your life.

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Outdoor Meditation

'I can't believe how much better I feel after seeing Michelle for hypnotherapy. My anxiety is less and I feel more in control of my life.'

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