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Sleep Disorders

If you have trouble falling asleep, struggle to stay asleep or wake too early then you have a sleep disorder. It can cause you to feel exhausted and unable to function properly. We can find ourselves dreading going to bed because we fear the long night ahead and how we will feel the next day. This can cause feelings of frustration, anger and irritability which can exacerbate the problem. 

At Bright Thinking Therapies I can help you to relax, reduce your stress and calm your mind which will help you to sleep better and improve your day. We will work together to help you to think differently about going to bed and to sleep by using evidence based sleep hygiene CBT techniques combined with hypnotherapy.

What will it be like to wake in the morning after a full night's restful sleep feeling energised and refreshed?


'It's amazing!! I have finally been able to sleep. All thanks to the help from Michelle. I'm so grateful'.

Contact me now to find your way to 'Bright Thinking'.

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