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Self Esteem & Self Confidence

When we have low self esteem and low self confidence we can find ourselves being overly self critical thinking that we are worthless leading to feelings of shame, guilt and sadness. This can sometimes make us feel lonely and isolated and worrying about what other people think about us causing us to withdraw from friends and family and avoid social situations.

At Bright Thinking Therapies I can help you to challenge these thoughts by being more positive, talking to yourself in a kind way, seeing your own strengths and skills and using these skills to your highest benefit. Together we will find a way for you to recognise and acknowledge your special qualities, celebrating your successes and helping you to like yourself and accepting complements.

Perhaps becoming more assertive would be useful for you or standing up for yourself, finding the ability to say no when it's right for you. Together we can work towards finding the way forward for you, where you are able to do the things you want to do, realising that you are worthy of self care because when you take care of yourself you are better able to take care of others.

Looking at the View
You have helped me to believe in myself and open up a side of myself which I thought could never happen again. You have filled my life with positivity and hope for the future'

Contact me now to find your way to 'Bright Thinking'.

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